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Vascular Shear Stress

What is shear stress?

The parallel, frictional force between blood and the vessel wall. This stress drives adaptation. And with this stress, the body starts adapting at the cellular level through a series of biochemical releases.

How does shear stress help with recovery?

Shear stress stimulates the release of biochemicals that benefit an athletes recovery.  Below are the various biochemicals that are released and how they improve recovery:

* Byproduct of shear stress.

How does FlowDyn create vascular shear stress?

The device administers very rapid, high pressure pulses to the foot and calf to accelerate your blood through your vessels. The FlowDyn device applies mechanical pressure pulses up to 130mmHg in 250 miliseconds. To see how Flowdyn compares to tube type devices click here.

The FlowDyn, developed by ACI Medical, LLC, is engineered for athletes looking to gain a competitive edge by training harder and more frequently. The FlowDyn accelerates an athlete’s recovery process by using rapid mechanical pulses to improve local circulation and create vascular shear stress. Use FlowDyn and get back to intense training or competition more quickly.

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