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Reduces Pain & Swelling

How FlowDyn Reduces Pain and Swelling

No matter how well you train and how well you perform, any athletic competition or event is going to result in pain. Even if you don’t sustain a major injury, putting your body through that intense exertion is going to cause some amount of pain somewhere.

When you’re hurting, recovering,  or injured, you can try the old-fashioned remedies: Painkillers, icepacks, ice baths, stretching, etc. These are all effective, to one degree or another, but they don’t take advantage of what the latest medical science and technology has to offer.

Enter the FlowDyn pneumatic compression device. By promoting increased blood flow and stimulating the release of your body’s natural healing chemicals, you can reduce pain and swelling more quickly. You’ll also be helping your sore or injured muscles recover faster, which lets you get back to training and performing at the level you want. Start enjoying faster recovery times by ordering your FlowDyn device today.

What Pain and Swelling Really Means for Your Body

At the most basic biological level, pain is the result of microtrauma in the tissues of your muscles, bones, and so on. Swelling is the result of fluid building up in the extracellular space outside your body’s lymph vessels. As this fluid builds up, it puts pressure on surrounding cells and tissues, which registers as pain.

Your body is naturally equipped to deal with these issues. Over time, fluid will naturally flow from that extracellular space back into the lymph vessels, decreasing the swelling, and your blood contains proteins and other chemicals that are designed to help repair the microtraumas that you detect as pain.

What FlowDyn does is use compression technology to speed up both of these processes. Rapid compression cycles force any fluid that’s built-up in those extracellular spaces back into lymph vessels much faster, which helps swelling go down more quickly. Those same compression cycles also force blood to move more quickly both to and away from your heart.

In turn, increased blood flow means more nutrients, proteins, and other chemicals rushing toward your damaged tissues, which helps them heal and recover faster. Increased blood flow also creates a strong outward force on your blood vessels called vascular shear stress, which causes those blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood to flow through, speeding up the healing process to an even greater degree.

How FlowDyn Helps Athletes

Athletes of all levels can benefit in many ways from using a FlowDyn device. You can train harder and more often because your recovery time is decreased. If you sustain a major injury, you’ll heal more quickly and be able to get back to your regular training regimen faster. Remember, every day you’re not training is a day that your competitors are getting better. To make sure you keep your downtime to a minimum, no matter what the circumstances, order your FlowDyn device today.

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