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Enhanced Muscle Repair

How FlowDyn Enhances Muscle Repair

As an athlete, you know how proper rest and recovery are just as important to your training regimen as any workout. If you’re hurt during a game or during training, trying to perform at the same level can re-aggravate your injury, leading to additional recovery time and perhaps even greater harm to your body. But you also want to get back to peak performance as fast as possible, and who can blame you?

Whether you’ve just finished your workout or are nursing an injury, the FlowDyn pneumatic compression device can help your muscles repair themselves faster and get you back in the game. FlowDyn generates more blood flow to injured tissues, promoting a faster recover, while also stimulating the release of healthy biochemicals that help muscles heal more quickly.

FlowDyn is backed by 30 years of medical research and can give any athlete an advantage when it comes to improved recovery time. Buy FlowDyn today to help yourself find a faster road to recovery, to improve performance, or read the clinical studies that helped inform our product.

How does FlowDyn work?

To start, any increased blood flow to injured tissues helps with recovery. This is why athletes have been using icepacks and ice baths for so long; cold temperatures stimulate your body to send more blood to the affected area, which decreases your recovery time. FlowDyn accelerates this process even further by delivering 10x more blood flow to injured muscle tissues than other devices.

In addition to increased blood flow, FlowDyn also helps your body to release other beneficial chemicals and nutrients to the injury site. These beneficial nutrients include VEGF, which helps regenerate muscle tissue; Insulin-like GF-1, which stimulates cells to become bigger and more numerous in soft tissues; and Nitric Oxide, which also helps promote blood flow.

Why should athletes buy FlowDyn?

One of the core benefits FlowDyn provides is the ability to recover more quickly. This means improved recovery from both training-related stress as well as injuries. Either way, using a FlowDyn will help get any athlete back to peak performance much more quickly than traditional recovery techniques.

Injuries also hamper your athletic performance in a number of ways. There’s the initial injury itself, the recovery time necessary to heal, and the increased likelihood of re-injury or aggravating an injury as a result of playing in a more timid or conservative manner after an injury.

FlowDyn helps with all three of these facets of injury recovery. Compression devices like FlowDyn reduce pain and swelling at injury sites, making them hurt less and for less time. Increased blood flow and the quick release of healthy biochemicals get you back up on your feet faster. And getting back to 100 percent more quickly means less of a chance of re-aggravating an injury because your injury isn’t affecting how you play.

FlowDyn offers a significant competitive advantage based on sound medical science, and its patented technology means other devices are playing catch-up compared to what FlowDyn can do.

Find out more

If you’re interested in improving your recovery time and getting back to peak performance as fast as possible, you need FlowDyn. To order your device, click here.

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