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Clinical Studies

Original studies were conducted during development and subsequent use of the ArtAssist® device, developed by ACI Medical for the medical treatment of patients at risk of permanent limb damage or amputation due to insufficient blood flow. FlowDyn uses this same technology.

Physiological Optimization

Investigations into Physiological Effects of Compression and Device Optimization began as early as 1991. These studies set out to assess the physiological effects of intermittent pneumatic compression and to determine the optimal parameters for increasing arterial blood flow to the lower extremities: timing, patient positioning, air bladder dimensions, pressure, and so on. Over time, ACI Medical made adjustments with the sole purpose of maximizing arterial blood flow to the tissue.

After numerous investigations at multiple academic and clinical centers, the engineers at ACI Medical incorporated these important factors of increasing flow:

  • Rapid sequential compression and decompression (under 0.5 seconds)

  • Patient in an upright sitting position

  • Large air bladders encompassing the limb

  • 120 mmHg compression

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