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10x Blood Flow

How FlowDyn Improves Blood Flow

Are you doing everything you can to help your body recover after an athletic injury? While taking sufficient time to heal after a time off is necessary, every day you’re not training is a day you have to make up for later. However, you also don’t want to push your body too hard before it’s ready, because you can re-aggravate an injury or even make it worse.

To get back to peak performance quickly without jeopardizing your health, you need the cutting-edge technology found in the FlowDyn pneumatic compression device. Backed by decades of medical research, FlowDyn stimulates blood flow along with the release of helpful biochemicals to help you recover more quickly after an injury. You’ll feel like yourself more quickly, allowing you to get back to training as soon as possible. For a better, faster, and stronger recovery, buy FlowDyn today.

Why increased blood flow matters when you’re trying to recover

Most athletes, trainers, and doctors know how important it is to stimulate blood flow to injured or stressed parts of the body. It’s well documented that more blood flow improves the healing process, which is why athletes use icepacks or take ice baths after they’ve been hurt or are trying to recover from an intense workout. But there are better ways to get more blood flowing to your muscles. That’s where the FlowDyn pneumatic compression device comes in.

The FlowDyn advantage

Compression garments are becoming much more common among athletes because of how they increase blood flow, but FlowDyn takes compression technology much farther than the compression shorts you’ll find at your local store. FlowDyn uses rapid compression pulses to accelerate blood flow both to and from the heart.

In addition to getting more blood pumping through your body more quickly, the increased blood flow also creates an effect called vascular shear stress. Vascular shear stress is the outward force against the walls of veins and arteries when blood is circulating through them.

In turn, vascular shear stress produces an effect called vasodilation, which is when blood vessels expand to decrease blood pressure. As the blood vessels expand, more blood and other healthy chemicals can flow more quickly through your body, which helps in all the ways we’ve just discussed. The main chemical involved here is Nitric Oxide, which is our body’s most powerful chemical for stimulating vasodilation.

Thus, we have a virtuous cycle: Increased blood flow created by the FlowDyn machine helps you heal and recover faster, and it also produces vascular shear stress and vasodilation, which also increases blood flow. You have reinforcing mechanisms to help your muscles heal themselves after you’ve been hurt or are recovering from a workout, and it all works by harnessing ongoing biological processes already happening in your body.

Get An Edge With FlowDyn

You want to get back in the action as soon as you can after an injury, and FlowDyn can help. Order your device today to get started. If you need further convincing, check out the clinical studies behind our product or read some testimonials from our many satisfied customers. Once you try it, you’ll see why FlowDyn should be an essential tool in any athlete’s training arsenal.

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