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Years of FlowDyn Technology Research


Blood Flow Increase for Improved Recovery


More Shear Stress Than Competitors

Who Is FlowDyn™ For?

The FlowDyn, developed by ACI Medical, LLC, is engineered for athletes looking to gain a competitive edge by training harder and more frequently. The FlowDyn accelerates an athlete’s recovery process by using rapid mechanical pulses to improve local circulation and create vascular shear stress. Use FlowDyn and get back to intense training or competition more quickly.

The Ultimate Compression Recovery Device

Flowdyn Advantage

vascular Shear Stress

creates 1,000x More Than Competitors

Enhanced Muscle Repair

improves biochemical release

Blood Flow

creates 10x Blood Flow

Reduce Pain & Swelling

Achieved using Patented Compression TEchnology 

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Clinical Studies

We studied the effects of intermittent pneumatic compression to determine how to best increase arterial blood flow. We looked at timing, patient positioning, air bladder dimensions, pressure, and more. Our engineers used study results to optimize our technology.

What People Say

“[FlowDyn] really helps with recovery, keeps the blood oxygenated, eliminates soreness, it’s a really beneficial product so you can start training harder and longer.”

Danny Hester, 1st Mr. Olympia Champion

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