Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about the FlowDyn™ device.

Use of FlowDyn™ increases blood flow 10x

Q: What is shear stress and what beneficial biochemical reactions occur as a result of shear stress?

A: The body senses shear stress in the …

… endothelium (inner lining) of the blood vessels. Shear stress is the friction created by accelerated blood between the blood and endothelium. When your body senses this shear stress, or friction, biochemicals are released into the blood. The comparison of biochemicals generated from the use of FlowDyn™ vs tube compression devices is outlined in the table below.

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Q: What is the recommended protocol for use of the FlowDyn™ device?

A: The FlowDyn device is preset to run for an hour…

… when the unit is activated. Use FlowDyn for at least 15 minutes is recommended and longer use is even more beneficial.

Q: Should the FlowDyn™ device be used immediately after training?

A: We recommend use of the FlowDyn device within…

… 12 hours after training. Some FlowDyn users use the device prior to training to promote flood flow in addition to using it after training sessions.

Q: Are the FlowDyn leg cuffs available in different sizes?

A: The leg cuffs provided with each FlowDyn device…

… are a one size fits all. Attachments will be provided if cuffs are too large or too small.

Q: Can FlowDyn be used on arms?

A: We do not recommend use of FlowDyn on arms, however…

… benefits of the device are systemic. The biochemicals released as a result of shear stress during use of the FlowDyn benefit the entire body as blood circulates. Use of the FlowDyn on the legs is ideal because of the legs large tissue mass (more tissue = more shear stress/blood flow). Compression of the most amount of tissue possible (legs) optimizes beneficial effects.

Q: Do you have informational materials I can provide to my trainer / coach?

A: We are always happy to provide you with informational materials.

Simply give us a call or submit a request via the contact form on the home page. You may also print a copy of our FlowDyn brochure.

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