Gain a competitive edge. Use FlowDyn during recovery to train harder and more frequently.

FlowDyn™ features patented technology backed by thirty years of rigorous research.

Who Is FlowDyn™ For?

The FlowDyn, developed by ACI Medical, LLC, is engineered for athletes looking to gain a competitive edge by training harder and more frequently. The FlowDyn accelerates an athlete’s recovery process by using rapid mechanical pulses to improve local circulation and create vascular shear stress. Use FlowDyn and get back to intense training or competition more quickly.

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Years FlowDyn Technology Research

Blood Flow Increase

More Shear Stress than Competitors


Accelerates and manipulates blood flow to trick your body into thinking it’s running. This triggers the release of proteins and growth factors to promote recovery.


The FlowDyn applies rapid stimulating, mechanical pulses to the muscles. It’s as simple as flipping a switch, sitting back and relaxing.


There is no other recovery device that can facilitate similar biochemical effects. See how we compare.

Danny Hester
1st Classic Mr. Olympia Champion
using the FlowDyn

Clinical Studies

We studied the effects of intermittent pneumatic compression to determine how to best increase arterial blood flow. We looked at timing, patient positioning, air bladder dimensions, pressure, and more. Our engineers used study results to optimize our technology.

FlowDyn™ comes with a one year warranty covering parts and labor during normal use.

Real World Performance

Janna Vander Meulen, gold medal winner in 100 meter Hurdles at the 2017 Sansun, Turkey Deaflympics. Janna and her coach talk about her use of the FlowDyn device. Janna took the Bronze on the 400 meter hurdles, and also broke her own American World Record in the 400 meter hurdles in Sansun, Turkey.


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